lunes, 25 de agosto de 2008

Reading signs just for the fun of it

We are only here for one more night
So scream it like you mean it
One more time

-- Stay young, de We the Kings

Time takes me closer to that moment we all live, to that moment I’ve experienced way too many times and yet too few. But I’m not afraid; on the contrary. The course in which my life is set is plagued with risks, chances I’m more than ready to make in order to achieve happiness, so I know what I’m playing and what I go for. I know exactly what I want, how much I want it and how I’m going to get it, just like I’m aware of the consequences of my actions and the wins and losses of every decision. Fear is not an option, it’s only the path of the cowards, of the ones who comform with life as it is, never going for “something more”. I’m going for those new ice cream flavors, and nothing can stop me, nothing!

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