lunes, 15 de septiembre de 2008

Para todos ustedes dizque amigos y no tan amigos

I cannot understand you
To me you live in a world of chaos
Life is a play you star on
To you it's all a game

-- Silver tongue, de Sonata Arctica

You are that which others think you are, they say; you are the reputation you acquire through your words and actions, they say; you are nothing more than the image you project, they say. But they say only what their little minds think they know, they are limited by their excessive ignorance and their big mouths, two defects owned by those whom intelligence is inversely proportional to the amout of lies they spread; and they know nothing else apart from lies. What they hear is what they believe, and, similar to sheep, they spread those believes as their own conclusions; what a bunch of mediocre, self-absorbed, ignorant and hypocritical animals (their human condition is just a façade of their true nature).

You want to beat me up for what you think is true, then do it and be done with it; punch me, kick me, hit me with everything you’ve got; take every breathe away from my stinking, lifeless body; humiliate me, hurt me in all those hideous ways you know, break me not just physically, but emotionally. Because that’s what I deserve, right? I deserve nothing else but the worst there is, and you are the judges that can punish me for my behaviors. Assholes! You know nothing. You have no idea. You meddle into that which doesn’t concern you and give yourselves the authority to punish me. Assholes! Before you come judging not only me but the people I care about learn the truth. Then you can have an opinion that matters.

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