miércoles, 10 de septiembre de 2008

Red-blood passion-like feeling of self-unworthiness

Waning Ring-deep a halo of thorns
Sips now down in the sheets of sharp silver
To disarm the star within us
-- In flames, de The Hives
You should have seen it, you might have seen it. And what did you do? What is right and what is wrong? To feel in complete ecstasy, surrounded by a flame of passion so sweet it doesn’t burn but, instead, it refreshes the soul. Is that wrong? To wish for a better life, to feel in love, to prove one’s worth, to risk everything just for someone? Is that wrong? It might. It surely might. But not to me. Every one of my actions is a manifestation of what I desire the most, and of what I’m capable of; a life of fear is long gone and soon forgotten. A life of joy was just about to begin. And then...

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