domingo, 4 de enero de 2009

Another steps towards greatness

Some days ago I decided to change my usual routine and add a little bit of adventure or something like that, so I planned to go to the Carnegie Science Center and to the movies. A lonely soul as I tend to be from time to time, I hopped on the bus by myself and took the first steps towards finding the meaning of my life. I had a map of the area and one of the bus routes, my cell-phone and enough money to fly myself to the hotel if circumstances seemed not to be turn out well; fortunately, they did. I walked for half an hour from the bus stop to the science center, not without making twists and turns here and there in search for the place, which didn’t actually appear on the map, and I got to see some amazing sites and take photos of just about everything that came in my way.

When I finally got there I felt accomplished, but after a couple of hours of wandering through the science center, I started to feel those fourteen dollars I had paid for the visit were spent in vain. Luckily, I was in a pretty good mood so, optimistic as I am, I told myself the trip made me get lost the way I like to get lost, and it made me get out of the hotel in which I spent every single day, and helped get to know more of the city place I’m currently living in. Also, the attractions weren’t that bad, it’s just that they are made especially for kids; I didn’t care much, but my inner child had a blast.

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