jueves, 8 de enero de 2009

Push to stop time

I was just starting to think about something because of the events of today. Since the day I got here, I had a certain idea concerning one of my managers at work, but this day that mental picture has changed more than a bit. I was next to him while he talked with another employee, so it was to me he expressed some of his thoughts about this employee once he was gone; he said, among other words and with a rather strange but short laugh, “él es loco” (yes!, in Spanish!; although this doesn’t mean he really speaks it, so no worries there). The way he talked made me think the crazy one was him.

Through this day and the days before this one I had seen him acting differently, being a little morose and not smiling and laughing as he usually does, so I started wondering not about what caused him to be stressed out but about what made him be the way he usually is. I couldn’t say for sure, but I thought maybe some time in the past he wasn’t always this smiley and hardworking man, and that something ought to have happened to him to change.

All of this got me thinking about both lives of people in the past and the one thing that makes them change into better or worse humans. I’m absolutely convinced (because of my own experiences) that every single person has at least one life-changing experience; nevertheless, that doesn’t mean they will change, be it for any reason possible. So this is what’s on my mind right now and very possibly for the days to come, this unique experience that has tremendous and enough power to makes us be different; it’s like a way in which my very good friend Destiny says “this is how I roll!”

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