lunes, 5 de enero de 2009

On the road to freedom

Yesterday’s movie, which I totally forgot to tell about, was my next stop in my little adventure. After visiting the science center, I walked all the way to the city of Pittsburgh, I crossed the Andy Warhol Bridge (which reminded me to visit Andy Warhol’s Museum another day) and waited for the next bus to come by and take to the Waterworks Mall, not far away from the hotel and a place I’m getting to know very well. I got there a little late, so I had to choose a movie that already had started but not for much, all because I didn’t want to come out so late of the theater and get to the hotel at night (well, past seven o’clock).

The movie was called >, about a man that aged backwardly. The film made me cry a bit during some scenes, I admit it, and I liked it so much not because of its strength (strong in the sense that it went right through me) but because it had a sort of hidden message in between the lines of the central theme, an idea I had found in another movie (>), one that changed my life dramatically. I’m talking about traveling, meeting new people, living all kind of experiences, touching the hearts of others, leaving “a grain of sand” as I usually say.

I came out of the theater with a smile on my face, knowing the whole trip was a greater idea than the one I thought it would be when I first came out with it. I’m planning a next little adventure for next week; I still don’t know where I want to go this time.

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