sábado, 3 de enero de 2009

Esta vez va en serio

Yesterday was a great start of the New Year in several ways, but not in others. I got to talk a little more with the most beautiful girl I’ve seen ever since I stepped on this country (and maybe the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen in my life; couldn’t say for sure). Also, I had no problems with the register, and were able to speak more with my coworkers and soon to be friends (although I cannot be sure of this either; one can’t push this kind of things). My thirty-minutes break seemed to last longer than usual, although my working hours did too. The second most memorable thing that happened is related to one of the girls that flew from Peru like me, whom passed out minutes after she got to work at night; worst of all is that I was the only person with which she could feel some sort of familiarity because of the language, so I stayed with her until her friend came. I was a bit scared, but it turned out to be sort of an eating disorder, or so the paramedics said. Strange way to start the year, but (selfish as I tend to be from time to time) I still think the most amazing thing that happened concerns the girl I talked about at the start of this post; hopefully, there’ll be more to write about her in the future. This year’s resolution: I’ll stop drinking sodas and star working out again (in other words, I’ll be more constant).

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