miércoles, 7 de enero de 2009

Not one of many

Today has been one of those good days in which I like the life I’m living right now. I’ve had so few of these kind of days that I feel I need changes in the way I’m living, but the changes I have in mind tend to be a bit destructive, so that’s out of question. Three things happened today: I got to talk with one of the girls at work thanks to the few people that came to the Plaza, and that made me happy in several ways, especially because of the fact that this led to the second thing. I was wrong again, and I like to be wrong in this matter specifically; the first impression I get from people is usually a bad one, and they always surprise me and show me they are far better than I imagined them to be; in one sentence “I have issues”. The third thing is still in the making, so I’ll be brief about it and just say the following: if you go after what you want for long enough you won’t necessarily get it, but, if you do get it, you’ll feel awesome; just like me.

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