martes, 6 de enero de 2009

Killing me, killing you

There comes a time when you live with a person under the same roof long enough to get to know a side he or she never revealed before, and it’s not always good. Pressure can make most people lose their calmness, and I’m no exception, but some burst in a greater manner. I’m no saint, I know that and I’m sure the ones that have been reading me know that too, so here I go with a confession: I’m not doing a thing to prevent one of my roommates from becoming a bomb, but actually feeding the fire that will eventually lead him/her to explode. I’m not letting this happen because of any ill-intentioned nature, but because I’m a time bomb myself, and pressure makes me less patient with people (and patience is one of the few things I have in big quantities). He/she’s been acting way selfishly, and I’ve been letting him/her be that way because I understand his/her situation, but things have gotten out of hand, and I feel I have to correct them, not because I’m obliged to, but because I won’t stand it anymore. Drastic measures will be taken.

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