viernes, 6 de junio de 2008

Una flor marchita y un poema por cantar

Ten years ago I started a plan, a series of ideas that would ultimately lead to self-perfection, even though I knew such thing could never be achieved; but the point is not always to get what we strife for, but to get as far as possible, as high as our hearts let us. With that in mind, goals should be set as high as one can in order to accomplish greater things in life. It might seem like an impossible feat, a complicated task made only for those willing to suffer and make sacrifices; nonetheless, that’s nothing more than a mere illusion, a penetrable barrier made by our minds to stop us, to prevent us from being harmed by the struggles along the way. “With each step we grow stronger, and with added strength we become wiser”.

My last goal was the highest I had ever strived for, and that which I were to receive was by far the greatest treasure one could imagine. I must say I didn’t got it, I wasn’t very close either, and I’m farther away from it than I was when all of this started; thanks to my actions, which I’m not very proud of, I’ve pushed back that which I loved the most, that which made me happy like nothing else could, that which knew me better than anyone but still stayed beside me. What I did was for the best, I’m sure, but it cost me something so wonderful I still cannot believe I've lost it. But I can’t let myself be torn by tragedies, no matter how much it hurts; life’s horizon expands all around me and waits for me to discover new marvels, to savor new experiences and to find new ways to self-perfection. Hoy toca ser feliz.

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